Today I’m celebrating my (36th!) birthday.

On this special day, Jack and I have been reflecting back on the past few years–I never could have imagined that our company would be able to change so many lives in such a short time.

I have been so honored to help so many people around the world…

  • Find their voice
  • Launch their dreams
  • Realize their potential
  • And elevate their faith.

That’s significance.

And that’s what the Godfidence movement is all about… helping you fully enter into (and maximize) the life that God intends for you!

Now, the reason I’m writing you today… You know every girl loves birthday gifts, right?

So, while I rarely make requests, my birthday “wish” is that you’d share one specific thing about how Godfidence, ME University, our blogs, tweets, email messages, or programs… have impacted you.

All I ask is that you share something specific.

Maybe you found the courage and inspiration to ask for a raise, start a business, quit your job, launch a speaking career, birth your book… or you simply learned to believe bigger and think better!

I would love to know, and hearing from you would bless the socks off my day!

Just leave me a message below.

And, as always, thank you for being YOU and allowing ME to accompany you on this journey.


Please feel free to do so. Just include this complete blurb with today’s article:
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