She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

If your car is running rough, you take it in for a tune-up. If your hairs needs styling, your clothes are too blah, or your skin looks tired and worn-out, you might get a make-over.

The same applies to your attitude. If you’ve been feeling stuck, confused or less than positive, it’s time for a tune-up.

Here are my best tips for a quick Attitude Makeover:


1. Change Your Self-Perception

Sometimes feeling bad is just an old habit. Familiar territory. Instead, make a shift. You have to begin to see and celebrate all of the possibilities and abilities that you possess. Your opinion of your own readiness is the one that either releases you to move forward, or it holds you back. (And remember, taking action is one of the best ways to feel a whole lot better about yourself. Start before you’re ready!)



2. Connect with A Coach

It can be tough to keep your attitude positive consistently when you are entering a new territory. However, the process is far easier and far more productive if you have a trusted adviser, guide and mentor who can encourage you and help you determine what steps to take and how to take them. Check out our Godfidence Business School coaching programs here.



3. Choose Faith over Fear

Operating in faith instead of fear is easier said than done, especially since faith and fear often feel the same. When you are nervous about something, it’s because you don’t know the outcome. Fear is when you let the opportunities for failure consume you. Faith is when you let the opportunity and promise for victory move you. Faith moves you forward. Fear moves you backwards.



4. Remember It’s Not About You

You may be in business for yourself, but you will never be in business by yourself. Someone has to buy your service or product. Someone has to promote you or give you a chance. But, my friend, no one owes you anything. When you meet someone, think, “How can I help you?” Your attitude (and your business) will soar when you give more of your time, expertise and friendship.


5. Eradicate Envy

Envy can be the un-doing of women. When I was on The Apprentice, Donald Trump divided the teams into women vs. men. The women’s team consistently lost. It wasn’t because the women weren’t brilliant and talented—it’s because they didn’t get along. They were jealous and bickered over things that didn’t matter.  I know that envy slows me down and wears me out. It certainly doesn’t help me move along the path to my goal—it might be one of the least productive ways to spend time. Talking behind someone’s back feeds envy — instead, give compliments behind her back. It will make a huge difference.



Did this blog resonate with you? And, how do you give yourself an attitude makeover? I’d love to hear — just share below in the comments.



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