About ME:

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ME Unlimited® is a performance strategy consulting firm specializing in reinvention, business optimization, life enrichment and executive coaching solutions for organizations worldwide.

Services from ME:

Marshawn is one of the leading experts on the art of maximizing human potential.  Hire ME for the following…

  • Keynotes
  • Media Commentary
  • Live Event Hosting
  • Campaign Spokesperson
  • Reinvention & Performance Coaching
  • Diversity Consulting
  • Women’s Events
  • Branded Empowerment Events
  • Conferences & Custom Seminars
  • Brand Activation & Marketing Campaigns
    • Bootcamps on Entrepreneurship, Branding, Innovation
    • College Tours
    • Product Launches
    • Strategic Women’s Marketing Initiatives

ME Unlimited® specializes in reinvention strategy.  In addition to delivering DYNAMIC speaking and executive development programs, we are EXPERTS in connecting consumers with brands through motivational, interactive empowerment events.